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Are you looking for a t-shirt printing provider in Spain? Look no further!

Garment Printing brings you the widest range of printed t-shirts in the market. Whether you are planning an event or need printed t-shirts for you team, we want you to have a vibrant and classical customized t-shirt and this content will guide you through your selection process of the best materials and printing techniques.

So, what are the different t-shirt printing methods in the market today?

The list is extensive, but below are the major methods you need to consider if you want to create the best printed t-shirts for your business in Spain:

  1. Screen printing
  2. Direct to Garment
  3. Heat printing
  4. Vinyl cutting

If that’s the case, what do you need to consider before choosing one of the major four methods?


Perhaps you don’t know another name for this printing method, it’s pertinent to inform you that this method of printing is also known as Silkscreen Printing . When you need a high-quality design and printed t-shirt for your business, event, or personal use, screen printing is an amazing t-shirt printing technique you shouldn’t underestimate. It offers your t-shirt a unique and classical look . Be sure you’ll get a soft, vibrant, and smooth printing output from this method.

However, it has some downsides. It’s not ideal for multicolor designs and printing of smaller quantities. But if you need mass production, it’s a printing tactic to consider.Get a quick quote

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This method of t-shirt printing is highly recommended when you need to print super complex designs. It’s a t-shirt printing method in Spain that supports the connection of a printer to a PC . When designs are sent to the printer, your work is created in a similar way, it’s shown on the PC . You enjoy soft feel on hand and super clean artwork, text, or any other design elements on the t-shirt.

On the downside, this method can’t output designs for dark fabric.


You will always have reasons to create super complex designs printed on your t-shirt. No one wants to be limited to the analog system of doing things. The printing pattern is similar to that of “direct to garment” t-shirt printing technique in Spain.  But it’s not without a shortcoming: its translucent dye makes it challenging to work on dark fabrics. If you aren’t printing on dark fabrics, all other printing qualities are available for you to enjoy.


Vinyl cutting is a brilliant printing solution for someone who desires to do one-off designs and subsequently produces the designs in large quantities.  It’s a superb solution for printing multiple garment types.

Garment Printing is a reputable t-shirt printing company in Spain that offers top-notch printing solution in the country. When you need to design and print on a t-shirt for business or gifting purposes, Garment Printing is a company to consult.

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T-shirt printing case studies

If you still have questions, you can visit the case study section to see the experience of other clients. You will find textile printing projects (mostly printed t-shirts) as well as other types of merchandising and custom textile.

It’s a perfect place to see examples and get inspired, as well as check the final results of our prints.

We have carried out projects for large companies such as Android (Google) or Amazon, but also for SMEs and individuals who just need 5 or 10 printed t-shirts.

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