Flip Flops Personalizadas FF22

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Cargue su obra de arte (opcional)



With our excellent  personalized flip flop service  you can create truly personalized shoes using your own artwork by printing your designs onto our colored flip flops. All of our flip flops can be  personalized  and delivered directly to your doorstep from our print shop. Flip flops are the perfect footwear for the summer, whether you go to the beach, the pool or simply for a walk during your vacation. Flip flops are really practical and perfect for everyone. They are the essential complement to your  summer wardrobe.

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Choose a strap color

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Adult sizes EU 34/35, 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47, 48/49

Kids sizes EU25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32/33

Raised edge (not padded) as standard. Stitched edge, padded strap. The strap is in full color.


We can make the straps in any color you want and we also have a number of colored straps in stock. For orders from 1 pair to 500 pairs we suggest a stock color, but if you want a custom color we can help.

Straps can be plain, include a printed logo, have an embossed logo patch, or have a fully custom embossed texture.


We can make soles in any colour, but we also have a number of colored soles in stock.

For orders from 1 pair to 500 pairs we suggest a stock colour, but if you would like a custom colour, we can help. For made-to-order soles we have a range of textures and tread patterns, or you can have a fully custom embossed texture that includes the insole (top of sole) textured and the tread pattern of the outsole (bottom of sole). the sole).

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