What is a tarpaulin? From its origins, the tarpaulin was a piece of heavy fabric that has been used throughout time as a surface for paintings, prints and advertising and propaganda claims that sought to attract the attention of an audience or public.

Today, the consumer can find a variety of different tarpaulins on the market: cotton, water-resistant, fireproof, dyed, etc. At Garment Printing, we work with tarpaulins that can basically be categorised as "printing tarpaulins". And that's why our clients, in their marketing, advertising and expansion campaigns, come to us for customised tarpaulins that can help them boost and promote their objective.

It is the client himself who, either from our website or by contacting us by telephone, can ask us for a personalised quote and explain the factors to be taken into account when personalising this support (the canvas). We can design the canvas ourselves, either starting from an idea that the client has, or developing our creative and artistic capacity and creating a unique, effective and original design on the canvas to fulfil the desired task.

So, from Garment Print, we offer our users the possibility to have their customised canvases made by choosing the size they want, and we will deliver it to them in a short period of time from the first moment we commit ourselves to do the job, we are always on time!

If you need personalised tarpaulins for your event, don't hesitate to contact us - perfect!