Transfer Printing

If you're looking to create printed T-Shirts or clothing for your events or promotions, we recommend transfer printing as being one of the best printing techniques for this.

There are 3 important reasons why to invest in transfer printing for your event:

  • It gives your brand great scope. Using transfer printing is one of the cheapest printing methods available and it also gives your brand or company excellent visibility at promotions or events. If you have a product or service, using transfer printed T-Shirts guarantees that you will get great visibility, especially if your clients or your employees travel often and attend networking events.
  • T-Shirts with transfer printing will give you the opportunity to do business without paying extra to promote your brand. Designing a creative T-Shirt will give you advertising that you can use again and again.
  • A T-Shirt with an imaginative design is one of the fastest methods to get extra visibility for your brand and services.

Transfer printing allows for larger prints and it also means that the printing will have a high resolution. Due to the price, it's perfect if you're looking to print a small number of units as the price is very affordable.

Transfer Printed Clothing

Transfer Printing is recommended for:

  • If you only require a small number of printed garments
  • Advertising your company at promotions and events
  • Porous or irregular threads that are difficult to print with using other techniques

Advantages of transfer printing:

  • Possibility of using any colour or type of garment
  • High-quality printing
  • The more you print the cheaper the price
  • Large A3 printing sizes

Disadvantages of transfer printing:

  • Low durability in comparison to other printing techniques
  • Print can be felt over the top of the garment

If you require custom printing then transfer printing is an excellent option. Our delivery times are usually 7 to 15 working days, however, we do have express printing and delivery services available if you require urgent printing.

Textile Customisation with Transfer Printing:

The transfer printing technique allows you to personalise your garments using full colour, photo quality designs that can also feature shading or gradients. It's a very fast printing technique thanks to its simple process:

1. Designs are printed and cut onto unique paper

2. Design is applied to garment and then heat is applied to print it onto the garment

Transfer Printing

Printing custom T-Shirts using transfer printing:

Transfer printing is perfect for using on both light and dark garments. In order to create darker garments, we use a slightly thicker print to ensure that the colours are able to show through perfectly. 

To achieve the perfect print on all garments (T-Shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, hoodies, etc) it is directly related to the quality of the image or the photograph that we receive. We recommend using designs that have a resolution of at least 300 DPI to ensure that all of the prints turn out perfectly without any blurring.

If you're looking to print cheap T-Shirts with optimum quality - we recommend using transfer printing.