Sublimation Printing / All Over T-Shirt Printing

With Dye Sublimation / All Over T-Shirt printing you get:

  • The best printing technique for white polyester T-Shirts
  • Covers 100% of the garment and isn't limited to what colours you can use
  • Because of its breathability, it's often used frequently in sports clothing
  • Dye is infused into the ink to create a comfortable feel at all times

Common Uses for Sublimation:

Printing will dye sublimation is very useful for creating custom sports clothing because of its price and because the ink is directly infused into the fabric. This means that it provides a comfortable, soft-to-touch garment which doesn't block the pores and allows maximum breathability through the garment. 

All Over T-Shirt Printing

Guides and Guidelines of Printing by Sublimation:

White T-Shirts are required in principle for this process, you must also bear in mind that dye sublimation isn't suitable for 100% cotton garments (T-Shirts, polo shirts, bags etc). In order to create the garments we require T-Shirts that are at least 65% polyester (although we recommend using an 80-20% blend). This is to allow the ink to infuse into the fibres of the garment to create the perfect prints.

  • Sublimation printing is achieved through an image from a paper transfer to a T-Shirt
  • The ink is converted into gas and then printed directly into the fabrics of the garment to become a permanent part of the garment
  • Since the image is done with a digital resolution, the result is filled with vibrant colours
  • You can achieve excellent effects using sublimation printing, but keep in mind that sometimes, depending on the clothing used, there may be folds beneath the arms of the shirt or around the seams.
  • We will advise you of the best clothing and T-Shirts to avoid these imperfections and provide the best printing according to your design
  • We do not have minimum orders or initial setup costs
  • For this printing technique we require all artwork to be 300 DPI JPG files, 100cm wide and 90 cm high.

Dye Sublimation

The steps to make all over printed T-Shirts are:

  • We send you a visual mock-up of the design for your approval to ensure there are no mistakes before production.
  • We use special inks to print the designs onto paper to offer maximum quality
  • The paper is then placed over the T-Shirt and heat is applied to turn the ink into gas which then directly infuses into the fabric of the garment
  • The end result is an all-over printed T-Shirt - including the sleeves and the base.

In some garments, you may find that there are some small imperfections. If you need any further information about this, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can recommend a garment that will help to reduce the risk of imperfections.