Screen Printing

Create your custom T-Shirts with screen printing today. 

Screen printing is one of the most flexible methods of personalisation used within the printing industry today. This is due to it being perfect for us on a wide range of materials, fabrics and products.

What is Screen Printing good for?

  • Custom uniforms and work clothing
  • Printing of large quantities
  • Printing of logos or brands that need to use Pantone colour matching
  • Environmentally friendly printing

screen printed work uniform


  • Possibility of using any type of fabric or garment colour
  • Long-lasting impression
  • The higher the quantity the cheaper the price
  • Pantone colour matching available - suitable for all corporate colours
  • Easy to wash and to care for.


If you're looking to order small quantities then screen printing then the initial set up costs can be quite high. This is due to us needing to make screens which the ink is printed through to accurately create your design. 

All screen printing work is usually done between 7 and 15 working days. If you need your printing in a hurry, we have express printing and delivery services available where we'll meet your deadline and deliver your items to you for when you need them. Contact us to find out more about our express printing and delivery services.

Screen Printing Process:

  • Creating artwork files for your design / logo
  • Creating the screens to be used to print your garments
  • Mixing the inks to achieve the correct Pantone colour for your design
  • Preparation of the machinery
  • Printing the design directly onto the garment
  • Garments are heat dried to ensure that the print lasts

screen printed t-shirts

The process of creating silk screen T-Shirts includes: Separating each colour from the original design and printing it layer by layer on the shirt to customise. The more colours that are used within the design the more expensive the printing can be. This is because each different colour requires a new screen to be created to print the new colour through and to ensure that the ink doesn't run into the rest of the design.

The standard screens for printing T-Shirts and personalised clothing usually measure 35 x 40 cm (a little larger than A3). We also have jumbo screens available that are capable of printing up to A2 size.